Turn - Style Bath & Body Boutique is about enhancing the beauty in which we all possess. 


Welcome to Turn-Style Bath & Body Boutique. I am Mocha, founder of and senior promoter for all products and services you will see on my website(s), Facebook, and Instagram. I am a firm believer that faith and confidence go hand-in-hand. My strong beliefs led me to create a product line for the skin, lips, and maintenance of various hair textures whether it's growing from your roots, or it was purchased. 

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Wearing a lace front and pulling it off!!!

In this picture I am wearing a lace front unit by way of Kaylis International. Ladies if you have ever had any doubt or skepticism about braided wigs......doubt no more. Feel free to inbox me with any inquiries regarding this unit. I will be doing multiple unit customizations in addition to the braided units such as these.

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Location & Contact

3380 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618
p: 1(877)630-6453
e: [email protected]

Stat Services

We all have those events that creep up on us last minute, and before you know it you still have to find something to wear and fix that hair. We will customize, style, & revitalize any human hair unit in 24-48 hours (does not include shipping time if you reside outside Rochester, NY).

 In addition to our wig customization and installation we prepare "to go" packages in order to help maintain your hairstyle. Ask about our line of hair care products.

Additional Products & Services

Lip glosses & Lip balms

Any flavor we carry can be ordered in a tube or our large 1 oz tins, or gloss tube with wand.

Current flavors:

 - French Vanilla

 - Almond Biscotti

 - Coconut & Peaches

 - Pineapple 

- Pink Lemonade

Try our new line of Body Butters  by Mocha. These yummy scented hand & body creams comes in  8 oz. whipped , or our 8 oz body butters consistency.

Body Butter fragrance list:

- Pink Sugar

- Sweet Mango

- Lavender- Vanilla

- Lemon Pound Cake

- Red Velvet

- Asian Pear

_ Strawberries n' Cream

Many more fragrance to choose from or create!!! Please ask about additional fragrances via text or email.

L.I.T.U. Services

This service was designed for those who are very busy, and needs the finishing touches for special ocassions such as showers, birthdays, anniverseries & more!!!  Products/services offered:

 - Gift Baskets, party favors, customized goody bags for him or her

 -Speedy delivery or shipping available


Contact Us

Please feel free to email about any products and/or services @ [email protected]

Thank you for visiting and God Bless!!!

We look forward to providing you with the best products & services.